Should Rich, Elite, Successful people think of betterment of the poor, under privileged and less successful?

Author: Manohar Kuse
Written on: 4th Oct, 2010.
Purpose: Written this article on the question posed by Dr. R Sharan, in his course on Human Values and Technical Progress @ LNMIIT.

Let us consider the case, where the elite group of people do not look after the welfare of the so called left behind. In such a situation, the difference between the two set of people would widen. There would be mis-trust, anarchy, hatred everywhere.

Another point to be noted, is people have become rich due to support of the non-privileged people. As an example consider the Ambanis. He would never have been rich unless the efforts of numerous workers, the office staff etc. At such a point in success, they are higher in their thinking, and tend to turn towards philanthropy. As is evident, Ambanis build the institute DA-IICT. Mr. Mittal build this very LNMIIT. There are numerous examples that can be cited in this context.

Another point, which I feel is that, once a person goes into the elite group, others look at him for his help and advise. Now, he has two choices. Either to neglect them, or to put forth his hand for their support. As a matter of common-sense, any person would rather help than to act rudely. Of-course there are exceptions to this. But the person who have been helped, during his struggle, would surely help others in need.

Other perspective to look at it would be, people achieve, so that other people may regard them high and remember them. If a person is remembered by the masses only if he has been of them to them, and offered his service to betterment of people.

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