Reasons to Move Away from MS Windows

I am sure, most of you would be in a defensive mode defending your favourite and dear ‘Microsoft Windows’. What I think is that Open Source alteratives are better that these paid options. Why pick a pirated windows when you have Linux available for free!! I have given some reasons why you should be migrating towards Linux.

Forget Viruses:
You people very well remember, the recent wave of virus attach we experience. We could have avoided such an attack only if we all would have switched to windows. I am sure, you would be thinking then are powerful anti-virus available. But dude, wait am I using my computer to install antivirus, updates etc? Apart from the fact that anti-virus softwares use half of your computing power. So the best alternative is to use a system for which anti-virus is a comfort rather a necessity. Guess which system am I talking about. Linux ofcourse.

Stable Systems:
I vividly remember those days when I just had to power off my PC, as it used to suddenly freeze. The latest versions of Windows, especially the so called ”Professional” ones are be- coming more stable than before. Nevertheless this kind of problem still happens fairly often. Ofcourse so Operating System is perfect, but Linux scores far far better in this regard.

Why Pay thousands for Windows:
My point is that, why pay for windows when you can get a better thing for Rs. 0 (yes legally free). You would be probably saying “Oh, I did’t pay for windows.” Are you sure you did’t pay? If your PC came with windows pre-installed you paid for it. Your PC would have been atleast a few thousand cheaper if it did’t have had windows preinstalled. Ofcourse, if you got a illegal copy (which is theft), you did’t pay for it.

When we refer to freedom, we refer to it as in ‘Free Speech’ and not as ‘Free Bear’. What this means is that, anyone is allowed to copy the software (think of it as a recipe). Modify it (make it better), and distribute it (serve your friends). You may be thinking, then how do I earn money out of it. The answer to this is, the same way restaurant earns. each money.

With windows, the OS installation is the begin. Then you spend loads of time searching, downloading, installing the perfect set of softwares. Has this ever happed to you. A friend of yours sends a really cool email with a pdf attachment. You get an error opening file, and you say ‘damn, I don’t have the software to read it’. Again the endless search for softwares continue. With the OS, I am talking about, you get all the softwares preinstalled, so you can start your work right away. Software installation is just simple, just tell which software you want, linux will download and install it all by itself. If you say, software installation is difficult, I am sure, you were on the wrong path.

Forget Installing Drivers:
On windows, its a regular practice to install various drivers from display drivers to printer drivers. With linux, most devices have support inbuilt. Just plug the device and its ready to use. If you don’t believe, ask the Vivacity team, they were in a mess, and their printer did’t work on windows (they did’t have a driver CD). Guess what, they used linux for their printing work. Linux does not need searate drivers for printers.

Why Does your windows get Slower day by Day:
Windows has a number of design flaws, resulting in it becoming slower and slower and not lasting very long. You’ve probably heard more than once someone say ”My computer is getting sluggish, I’m gonna reinstall”. Reinstalling Windows solves the problem… until next time.You may think this is just how computers work: they’re very new technology, and not really stable yet. Well, try Linux and you’ll be surprised. Five years from now, your system will be just as fast and responsive as the day you installed it, not to mention that you won’t have any viruses, adware, trojans, worms, etc., that would force you to reinstall anyway. Linux lets you spend more time working, less time reinstalling over and over again.

Great Music Quality: Linux has many music players (including AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Banshee, etc.), and some of them are great. Check out AmaroK for example, it manages and plays your music perfectly, learns which tunes you prefer, automatically fetches their title (and lyrics) on the Internet, and even gets the CD covers for you! Apart from the fact that sound quality can be significantly good with linux. You can ask bhavya for a testimony.

These were just a few reasons for switching to Linux. There are a lot more reasons you can get from the internet. Due to space contraints, I am stopping here. If you are convinced that Linux is the way to go, you can download it from (link will work only in LNMIIT)

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