Problems and Solutions

Hi Everyone,

I had written this a few months ago. Then it was my first attempt at writing a rather philosophical paragraph. The thought presented here struck me while I was recently away on my tour to Scotland. I hope, you appreciate my view. criticism, your views and comments are welcome.

I remember, a few days ago I was having a rather heated discussion with one of my friend about problems and solutions in our life. The friend of mine was discussing all about problems surrounding us and was not saying a word about how those are to be solved. The discussion was about the problems we have in the way we are taught in school, colleges, universities. Of-course, I agree there are problems but so are there solutions to it. So, I asked my friend, “What do you think, the number of solutions is more or the number of problems?”

(If you are still reading this, I would suggest you take a few moments to think about my question)

To which, not surprisingly, my friend replied, “Problems are more”. To be honest, I strongly disagree to this statement. I have always believed that, in this world, the number of solutions and number of problems are the same. What I mean to say is that, solutions can be found by focusing our thoughts towards finding a solution rather on digging deeper in the problem.


By the laws of nature, if we focus our attention on the plant very close by (the problem), we see our life as rather blur. We might feel that, we are lost in this whole-big world of problems and life is not as beautiful as we might have imagined. In such a case we might end up spending a huge amount of our precious time thinking all about problem and the solution may seem only very blur and unclear as you can see the scenery in the picture on the right.

On the other hand, if we try to focus our attention away from the problem ie. we see life as the picture on the left, we are not focusing on the problem. But mind you, the problems have neither dis-appeared nor are we ignoring the problems. Instead we seeing our life in a more positive way by focusing away from the problem.

In conclusion, I would like to say to everyone that, just by focusing away from the problems our life could be much more beautiful than it is.

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