LIPSyM for Cell Detection


Diabetes can be associated with a reduction in functional β cell mass, which must be restored if the disease is to be cured or progress is to be arrested. To study the β cell count, it is necessary to also determine the number of nuclei within the insulin stained area. It can take a single experimenter several months to complete a single study of this kind, results of which may still be quite subjective. In this paper, we propose a framework based on a novel measure of local symmetry for detection of β cells. The local isotropic phase symmetry measure (LIPSyM) is designed to give high values at or near the cell centers. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm for detection of two types of specific cells in histology images, β cells in mouse pancreatic sections and lymphocytes in human breast tissue. Experimental results for these two problems show that our algorithm performs better than human experts for the former problem, and outperforms the best reported results for the latter.

Project Webpage


Project Publication

  • Kuse M., Wang YF., Kalasannavar V., Khan M., Rajpoot N. “Local Isotropic Phase Symmetry Measure for Detection of Beta Cells and Lymphocytes,” Journal of Pathology Informatics, 2:2, 2011 [DOI]

An earlier version of this paper was presented at the MICCAI workshop on Histology Image Analysis (HIMA), held in Toronto, in Sep 2011.


Warwick Beta-cell Database : [ZIP]
LIPSyM Software : [ZIP]
Software Readme : [PDF]



This software is free only for non-commercial use. It must not be distributed without prior permission of the author. We are not responsible for implications from the use of this software.


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