Color Consistency from Multiple-View Images


In this paper we address the problem of multiview color consistency. We propose to use a graph model of 3d positions obtained using matched dense feature points. We define an energy functional on this model which captures relationship of the colors across views while also imposing a smoothness cost to obtain optimal colors for the 3d positions. We finally recolorize the images using these optimal colors at reprojected co-ordinates.  An important feature of the proposed method is that it does not use a reference view. Finally we present a qualitative evaluation of our method with methods that use a reference view.

Keywords : Multiview color synchronization, 3D reconstruction, colorization, Potts Penalty Optimization.

System Overview



Kuse M., Jaiswal S. P. “Graph Modelling og 3D Geometric Information for Color Consistency of Multiview Images“. In Proc. of International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2015 in Quebec City, Canada.


Manuscript [PDF]

Poster [PDF]

Code [ZIP]

Other Resources for 3D Reconstruction

Structure from Motion (SfM), Bundler [WWW]


Potts Regularized Graph Optimization Engine [WWW]

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Texture Mapping for MVS Meshes [WWW]


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