Graphics Programming MiddleWare

It is often frustrating to start programing in OpenGL. I came across this OpenSceneGraph which is a middle ware between the 3d application and OpenGL. It is a C++ based toolkit.

This toolkit is categorized as a render engine. Render engines are common tools in game development. There is a wiki article which list a lot of game engines. Game engines typically will have a rendering engine (basically an abstraction over OpenGL), Physics engine, sound engine, collision detection.

Other than OpenSceneGraph, I have been using pand3d. It is a Python based library for graphics rendering. Extremely convenient to use. Has good support for loading 3d models from files

Resources for OpenSceneGraph

Although documentation is a nightmare. Check the Quick start guide. May like to start with chapter 3 of this.

Yet another good tutorial :

Book :

3D Models Resources

  1. Altizure – 3d models from drone footage
  2. Pix4D – similar to altizure
  3. Yobi3d – 3d model search engine
  4. Sketchup 3D warehouse – 3d model search

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