Lost Wax Casting

In Jan 2020, right after my Ph.D. defense I set my sights on lost wax casting for jewellery. It was a great learing experience for me as it was something totally new to me. Some things I learnt, during the 3 weeks I spent doing this are:

  • I started out by buying some plaster of paris to create heat resistant moulds.
  • I used onshape (web-based CAD system) for designing ring.
  • Various methods for making a mould for wax model.
  • Melting various metals and learning about using flux materials to prevent oxidation at high temperatures.

My final product, a metal ring, from it looked something like:

I hope to continue this new found hobby during my spare time and hopefully get better at jewllery designing. Some prime departments in jewellery making include

  1. CAD Modelling
  2. Making a wax model
  3. Making an investment cast
  4. Wax burnout and metal pouring
  5. Finishing and Polishing

Here is my future wish-list for this hobby

  • Buy an affordable resin 3D printer like the Any Cubic Photon.
  • Buying silicone-rubber for eg, from Smoothon.
  • Buying a proper jewellery grade investment power.
  • Buying a metal metaling electric furnance, something like this.

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