About Me – Leisure


At times when I am not involved in my work and not involved with my friends/family I like to travel, read (I am very choosy reader).

If you ask me what is my religion, don’t be surprised if I say “Travelling”.  I am a travelling enthusiast and love to explore and know about new places. You can view my pictures at [PICS].
I have special interests in visiting the “UNESCO World Heritage sites”. Someday I aspire to visit almost all those sites. Know more on it [WWW].

Swimming is my next passion. I vividly remember my picnic during school when I didn’t know how to swim and I was kind of left out. After that picnic, I learnt swimming. Gradually, I have come to like that activity a lot.

I enjoy watching movies which are based on real life incidents and read more on the incidents. For instance, I really enjoyed “Hotel Rwanda” which is based on the “Rwandian Genocide”. Read my blog post on after thoughts about Rwandian Genocide, here.

After having hated history during school days, it really amazes me that I am interested in history (modern history) in recent days.  I think, this has to do with the way school children are thought
on history. Sometimes, I also try and scratch my thought on wordpress. You may view some of them here.

When it comes to passing my time online, I usually like to chat (gtalk). I enjoy watching TED videos when I have some time to kill. Another website frequented by me is Travelwiki. As I said before,
I am a travel enthusiast and I also make virtual travel plans. This is what I do on travel wiki :P. Listening to Bollywood songs on Saavn and Youtube is another pass time activity I am fond of.