Toy Gaussian Mixture Estimation with EM Algorithm

This terms quite often in computer vision related research papers. I am going to toyify it (a core simple explanation). All the code snippets are to be found along with the post. This is roughly a summarization of an excellent youtube-mini-series by Victor Lavrenko. The code snippets are my works. Preliminaries To understand this, you … Continue reading Toy Gaussian Mixture Estimation with EM Algorithm


Generating Music from Basics

In this post, I am discussing on music notes, frequencies and the science behind it. Along the way I shall live demo you what I am talking about. For the demos, I am using an arduino nano to generate PWM signals (square-wave) and a cheap buzzer speaker (Piezoelectric). It is possible to use a headphone … Continue reading Generating Music from Basics

Hands on TensorRT on NvidiaTX2

Resources: Official Base Page: User Guide: Introduction to TensorRT. My Codes involving TensorRTMinimalist demo for Keras model --> .pb --> .uff [GIT]C++ API for TensorRT5, works on TX2 [GIT] Introduction You are most probably familiar with deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Pytorch, mxnet etc. These frameworks are general purpose tools geared towards … Continue reading Hands on TensorRT on NvidiaTX2