Blog Hashtags

There are some topics which are too long for one post to justify. This is a curated collection of my blog series. Just click the link with ‘#’ to get to a list of all the post in that series. In the future, I plan to organize using mindmaps. For a list of all my research related blog post, go here.

#drone-platform :
In this series, I try to build and understand a quadrotor drone. For my drone mindmaps, click here.

#control-systems :
Here I understand the importance of differential equations (calculus) and how they play a role in designing control systems for robots (and other systems). I have tried to put the theory to practical use by building up an inverted pendulum system in the simulation.

#neural-network , #deep-learning:
This is about building up neural nets from scratch and understanding the concepts in some detail. It also includes some of my ‘go-to’ techniques and keras code snippets.

A youtube series to intuitively explain basic circuit components by experimental learning. Simulations with EasyEDA.