Category Wise UG Courses

List courses done at LNMIIT (The LNM Institute of Information Technology) by category:

Computer Science
Introduction to Programming in C
Introduction to Object Orientation with Java
Computer Organization
Data Structures and Algorithms
Algorithmic Graph Theory
Database Management Systems (DBMS)
Computer Networks
Design and Analysis of Algorithm

Computer Vision & Data Analysis
Machine Intelligence
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Digital Image Processing
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Mathematical Models for Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition

Mathematics – 1 (Calculus)
Mathematics – 2 (Differential Equations)
Mathematics – 3 (Complex Numbers)
Probability and Stochastic Processes
Discrete Mathematics
Introduction to Wavelets

Signals and Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Principles of Communication
Digital Communication

Humanities Courses
Introduction to Psychology and Sociology
Ethics and Human Values
Introduction to Logic
Business and Soft Skills – 1
Business and Soft Skills – 2

Electronics Courses
Electronics-1 (Circuits)
Electronics-2 (Semiconductor devices)
Digital Systems

Other Miscellaneous Courses
Physics-1 (Mechanics)
Physics-2 (Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics)
Course in Language (English)
Environment Science
Material Science
Lasers and Optics