Docker for Computer Vision Researchers

Here is my docker images.  In recent years there has been some buzz on Docker. Although some power computer vision/robotics researchers and developers do use docker for development, an overwhelming majority do not use it. Most people simply install the libraries on their Ubuntu and get to work. While this solution is simple, it … Continue reading Docker for Computer Vision Researchers

tmux cheatsheet

Follow this simple and to the point tutorial : From Bash tmux ls --> show list of sessions tmux new -s session-name --> new session tmux a --> attach to default session tmux a -t session-name --> attach to a particular session tmux kill-session -t session-name   Session (Ctrl-b) $ --> rename session name d --> detach Window (Ctrl-b) c … Continue reading tmux cheatsheet

Sending Email from Terminal using mutt

Often times one deals with long running programs and need a quick way to know when the program is finished or intermediate reporting. Simplest way is to email yourself the progress say hourly or so. Simplest way is to setup an gmail account with mutt on your workstation. I use the commandline tool mutt to … Continue reading Sending Email from Terminal using mutt

Installing cuDNN Ubuntu 14.04

cuDNN is a cuda library which provides basic operations like forward and backward passes for neural networks on GPU. This is used by caffe and other toolkits. You can download cuDNN from : Note that you need to login to be able to download. This post is just for my own reminder on cuDNN installation. … Continue reading Installing cuDNN Ubuntu 14.04

List of Packages for Computer Vision Developers (Ubuntu 14.04)

I am some-what intermediate developer mainly focusing on Computer Vision related development. I recently had to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) and turned out I rely on quite a lot of libraries and tools which are not available by default. Here is my list of packages : Feel free to mentions packages/libraries that you as … Continue reading List of Packages for Computer Vision Developers (Ubuntu 14.04)