Lost Wax Casting – 2

The year 2020 turned out to be a year of COVID. My flights to back home in Dec 2020 got cancelled. So spend a part of the holiday to take my art of casting a bit further. In the end, I could have a ring made out of brass. Carrying forward the experience from last … Continue reading Lost Wax Casting – 2

Lost Wax Casting

In Jan 2020, right after my Ph.D. defense I set my sights on lost wax casting for jewellery. It was a great learing experience for me as it was something totally new to me. Some things I learnt, during the 3 weeks I spent doing this are: I started out by buying some plaster of … Continue reading Lost Wax Casting

Wireless Communication from Scratch

All we 90s kids have seen mobile phones taking over our lives. We have been taught in school that Electromagnetic waves carry our signals. In school, like most people, I too accepted that mobile phones work with electromagnetic waves, no further thought given..!! The objective of this blog post is to give a brief historical … Continue reading Wireless Communication from Scratch