Midnight Sun Camping

In school geography I think almost everyone learns, that there are place far out in the north where sun does not set for a few months in summer and the sun does not rise for a few months in winter. We tropical kids (I am from Mumbai, India!), cannot possibly fathom this sentence. However, right … Continue reading Midnight Sun Camping

My Trip to Inner Mongolia

I had this wonderful opportunity to visit Inner Mongolia (In China) to experience the majestic grasslands in September of 2017. I traveled to Hulunbuir (呼伦贝尔市). I traveled solo with a car which I drove myself with no knowledge of Chinese and no hotel bookings. Information about this part of the world is quite sparse on the … Continue reading My Trip to Inner Mongolia

Apps to use in China for traveling

China can be quite overwhelming experience if you arrive here unprepared. I present some practical tips from my experience to make traveling in China easier. I believe this can be quite useful for a person traveling around in China without the knowledge of Chinese language. I highly recommend reading up travel wiki for China for practical … Continue reading Apps to use in China for traveling