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May 6, 2016


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Brainstorming Vs. Brainwriting

August 1, 2014


Just come across a wonderful strategy for making the less dominant people in a group speak up their ideas. Kellogg – Animation – Final for Site

Guide to applying for UG Summer Internships

January 4, 2012


Hi again, This write up was made as a part of my talk at “LNMIIT Internship Summit” at LNMIIT, Jaipur. This article aims to give reader an idea about my work and to help students with internships.  The power point presentation of the talk can be accessed from here [PDF]. The outline of the talk shall […]

Which Branch Should I Choose in LNMIIT

July 12, 2011


Hello All, This blog is intended for students from LNMIIT , who are utterly confused  while choosing a branch in LNMIIT.  I am putting up some thoughts of my own about this doubt which comes in most of the students’ mind when they have to decide their branches while at LNMIIT. And please do not hold me responsible for any mis-happenings […]