Here is a list of MOOCs (online courses) I have completed.

  • [Aug-Sept 2018] youtube-series Control Boot Camp by Steve Brunton
  • [Feb-Mar 2018] MIT’s 8.03 Electricity and Magnetism by Walter Levin
  • [Sept 2017] youtube-series Building an 8-bit Computer on Breadboard by Ben Eater
  • [Jan-Feb 2016] Stanford’s’ CS231n Convolutional Neural Nets for Visual Recognition by Fei Fei Li, Andrei Karpathy and Justin Johnson
  • [Jan-Mar 2015] Stanford’s EE364A Part 1 of 2 of Convex Optimization by Stephen Boyd
  • [May-June 2014] MIT’s 18.06 Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang
  • [Apr 2013] Udacity’s Parallel Programming course