PG Courses

List of courses done at HKUST during my doctoral years

Introduction to Aerial Robotics (ELEC 6950P, Fall 2015)
Instructor : Prof. Shaojie Shen

Computer Graphics (COMP 5411, Fall 2014)
Instructor : Prof. C. L. Tai
nstructor : Prof. Pedro Sander

Convex Optimization (ELEC 5470, Fall 2014)
Instructor : Prof. Daniel Palomer (IEEE Fellow)

Computer Vision (COMP 5421, Spring 2014)
Instructor : Prof. C. K. Tang

Video & Signal Processing (ELEC 5300, Fall 2013)
Instructor : Prof. Oscar Au (IEEE Fellow)

Stochastic Processes (ELEC 5330, Fall 2013)
Instructor : Prof. Bertram Shi (IEEE Fellow)