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Graph Segmentation of Images

May 3, 2016


Use of graph representation of an image for segmentation. This is based on the following paper which is one of the most cited papers in Computer Vision. If you are starting to do research in computer vision related fields it is a good idea to understand few of those papers in as much detail as possible. […]

Vision Controlled Quadcopter Flight

December 9, 2015


Just completed (8th Dec, 2015) the Aerial Robotics course in HKUST (ELEC6910P) by Prof. SHEN Shaojie (my PhD supervisor). Most of the course credit were on the completion of the projects. Course TAs were Su Kunyue and Yang Zhengfei. My project partners were Sun Lin and Sun Ting The projects eventually connected together to make a vision […]

List of Packages for Computer Vision Developers (Ubuntu 14.04)

October 27, 2015


I am some-what intermediate developer mainly focusing on Computer Vision related development. I recently had to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) and turned out I rely on quite a lot of libraries and tools which are not available by default. Here is my list of packages : Feel free to mentions packages/libraries that you as […]

3D Reconstruction with Single View

March 18, 2014


Project Summary We create a 3D model of flat objects from single view. The method used is based on a paper by Criminisi [1]. Acknowledgement This project is a part of the Computer Vision course (COMP 5421) during spring 2014. The project partners were Manohar Kuse (myself) and Sunil Jaiswal. The course instructor was Prof. C. […]