Intel Compute Sticks 2

I recently got the Intel Compute Stick 2 (NCS2). It can do neural network inference. The process is to start with a frozen tensorflow file (.pb), then convert it to IR format (which the NCS2 can understand). You need to use OpenVINO for it. There was an earlier API which is now defunct. Here is … Continue reading Intel Compute Sticks 2


Deep Residual Nets with Tensorflow

Git Gist : Deep Residual Nets  (ResNets) from Microsoft Research has become one of the popular deep learning network architecture. Already 800+ citation, given that the paper appeared in 2015. Recently, I ported all my code from Caffe to Tensorflow. While it is lot easier to deal with caffe but I must say, the control you … Continue reading Deep Residual Nets with Tensorflow

Neural Network as Universal Approximators : Intuitive Explaination

Came across this wonderful explanation of why the neural network with hidden layer are universal approximators. Although not very helpful for practical purpose gives an intuitive feel of why neural network give reasonable results. The basic idea is to analyze a sigmoid function as you change w and b . In particular effect on $latex \sigma( w\times x … Continue reading Neural Network as Universal Approximators : Intuitive Explaination